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Willy T Now Operating at Peter Island, BVI

Exciting news about the Willy T, which were recently told they had to relocate away from Norman Island. Looks like they will be up and running soon across the bay at Peter Island at Great Harbour, which in my opinion is a better location since you can also enjoy the Peter Island beach bar and the sunset hike. It’s also good news for anyone staying at Peter Island Resort & Spa for vacation as they can easily walk around the bay and hop on over via a dinghy.

Sooo, when are you all going to come see us over at GREAT HARBOUR on Peter Island??!! This is our new home!! We’re in the process of finalizing all the required permits as we speak. Hope to have that all accomplished this week! Looking forward to seeing everyone over at Great Harbour!! It’s been too long…Posted May 19 on their Facebook Page.

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